Jade Phoenix


Save the citizens of your town


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Jade Phoenix is a platform adventure game where you will play as either Patjade or Wendy, two mayors of a small town that has been hypnotized by someone, or something.

Taking advantage of the situation, tons of creatures have invaded the town. Your objective is to progress through different phases of the game while killing your enemies and recovering as many gems as possible. As you advance, you'll get closer to figuring out what's at the bottom of all this trouble.

The game's controls are very traditional: there is a jump button and an attack button. The jump button will help you get from platform to platform, but you can also use it to slide along the ground to hit enemies. Using the attack button will launch arrows from the bow that your character carries.

The game has retro graphics that will remind you of Super Nintendo and Megadrive games. The overall aesthetic is a little childish, but it meshes well with the storyline.

Jade Phoenix is an entertaining, free platform game. It may be a little short, but it offers a good helping of fun.
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